Send a personalised care package to someone special to say you care and are thinking about them.

Care packages are sweet and often surprise gifts that are perfect for sending to friends and family who may be a long distance away but never far from your mind.

All Pamper Boxes Include A Free Personalised Gift Card

What Is A Care Package ?

As the name says, “care package”, you can tell your loved ones that you care about them and send these pamper boxes to congratulate them on their happy moments like getting a new job, a personal achievement, or even a “good luck on your finals” treat. These care packages can also help lift someone’s spirits during tough times – like recovering from a breakup, losing a loved one, or getting sick. And sometimes, you don’t even need a specific reason to send a care package: It’s just the thought that counts.

Our care gift boxes are the ultimate care packages curated for you to effortlessly send to your friends and loved ones to make them smile. Whether it’s a mega pamper gift box for her, cosy night in pamper box, feel good pamper box, a home spa gift box or Mum to be gift box, we have got it covered! We have something for everyone on every occasion.

We have designed these care packages for you or your special someone. The contents in this box will help you relax and unwind. Take a break from the daily chaos and enjoy a relaxing night in.

True friendship is the most precious gift of all. Let that special best friend in your life know they’re appreciated with the help of care packages.

Our care package gift boxes make brilliant gifts to send to somebody undergoing a difficult time, suffering from anxiety or depression, going through a relationship breakup or divorce, experiencing pressure at work or job loss or somebody just in need of a bit of cheering up.

Our packages will be presented inside one of our complimentary gift boxes, filled with shredded paper and some beautiful finishing touches. It is the best way to bring a smile to a person you care about. It is also a thoughtful present for that special lady in your life (Girlfriend, Wife, Mum, Daughter) who needs a gentle reminder that you love her!

The best part is that you can post these directly to your friend/family member to give them a pleasant surprise in the post.

Choose from one of our pre-curated gift boxes and care packages that have been handpicked to allow you or a loved one to unbox happiness from the comfort of home. Make someone feel special by reminding them that you’re thinking of them, showing them that you’re there for them, or simply acknowledging that sometimes it’s ok not to be.

How does it work?

Want to express your love and care but not sure what to do?

We understand that sometimes words are hard to find and that actions can speak louder than words. That’s the reason we introduce you to these care packages.

Keep it private

Choose any elegant care package and show your friend that you’re there for them; through anything, add a personalized message at checkout.

Leave the rest to us.

We will ship your box full of love in our signature packaging within 1-3 working days. Your loved one will appreciate your support more than you know, and so do we.